Please have a look at the attached photos and you will see what I mean.  It is an exact scale model of a 2 man ocean rowing boat which is 8" long and sitting on a 12" slate plinth.  I appreciate that every rowing boat is slightly different which is why I went for a clean uncluttered look without rowers or even oars as they would not only add significantly to the cost but would  be prone to damage and make it a less practical model to have on show. However, what I am excited about is that the sculptor agreed to personalise the number on the starboard and port bow of the boat for each customer - and at no extra cost.  This means each boat will be unique and personal to each rower.  Furthermore, the sculptor agreed to engrave a generously sized plaque with as much engraving as  will fit - also at no extra cost. My boat is rhodium plated which is an extremely hard substance that will not tarnish and is easily cleaned.  It is an unusual and dramatic combination and I love it! However, the sculptor has agreed to offer one other combination (unless you want a sterling silver version which is also on offer) which is a bronze patinated finish on a light oak plinth, which  compliment each other very nicely.
The Model Trustach Ocean Rowing Boat Models